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Does your IT provider think like a four-star chef?

October 18th,2018 outsourceIT

In a recent blog post, we asked if your technology provider knows your name. This week, we have a new question for you: Does your IT provider think like a four-star chef? What should your tech provider and a chef have in common? (It’s unlikely you care about them cooking four-star meals; let’s think about this differently.)

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3 areas of focus to deliver IT that drives better business outcomes

October 18th,2018 outsourceIT

Recently we discussed the push for providers like us to focus on delivering business outcomes for customers like you. “Business outcomes” is a relatively new term in the traditional IT world, especially among providers that have focused on delivering technology in general.

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outsourceIT - The Modern Technology Provider

June 25th,2018 outsourceIT

Here at outsourceIT we’ve been in the technology business for quite a while. We’ve evolved our business and what we deliver to our clients along the way as the technology world has evolved from very hardware and break/fix services focused to managed services.

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New malware infects SOHO routers worldwide

June 1st,2018 outsourceIT

Talos recently warned that at least half a million routers have been endangered by a new form of malware called VPNFilter. After an earlier version targeted devices in Ukraine, VPNFilter has spread rapidly in around 54 countries, affecting home and small business routers.

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AI-powered advances in customer support

May 28th,2018 outsourceIT

High-quality products and services can make a business successful, but exceptional customer service is what makes customers come back. This is why companies constantly try to innovate their customer service strategy -- and some do it by adding artificial intelligence (AI) into the mix.

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Protect your Facebook and Twitter from hackers

May 17th,2018 outsourceIT

In the wake of Facebook’s worldwide privacy scandal, it’s time to revisit some social media best practices. Your information is incredibly valuable, and you can’t rely on social media platforms to keep it safe from hackers. Heed these tips to make sure your Facebook and Twitter accounts are well secured.

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Ways to leverage social media for your business

May 14th,2018 outsourceIT

Do you, as a brand new business owner, know how to take advantage of social media exposure, especially if no one has any idea what your new business is all about? The truth is, you can succeed with social media, even if you have what could be perceived as a small, newbie brand. Read on to learn more.

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Be Smart and Back Up Your Valuable Data

May 10th,2018 outsourceIT

Storing copies of your business data in the cloud will help you avoid the risks associated with broken hard drives, lost or stolen devices, and human error. That’s because entrusting your data to an expert cloud provider means you’ll have trained professionals handling the backup of your business assets online.

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HIPAA Requires Careful Social Media Posting

May 7th,2018 outsourceIT

Healthcare providers that use Social Media can interact with their patients, advertise new services, and quickly communicate urgent announcements or messages. There's immense potential for it to improve care, but also to expose patient-specific information.

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Should you worry about Facebook's breach?

May 1st,2018 outsourceIT

Facebook is the most popular platform for developing brand awareness because it allows businesses to target users based on what they have posted in the past. But after the recent data breach scandal, is your data still safe? Read on to find out if you need to worry about your privacy.

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