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Does your IT provider think like a four-star chef?

October 18th,2018 outsourceIT

In a recent blog post, we asked if your technology provider knows your name. This week, we have a new question for you: Does your IT provider think like a four-star chef? What should your tech provider and a chef have in common? (It’s unlikely you care about them cooking four-star meals; let’s think about this differently.)

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3 areas of focus to deliver IT that drives better business outcomes

October 18th,2018 outsourceIT

Recently we discussed the push for providers like us to focus on delivering business outcomes for customers like you. “Business outcomes” is a relatively new term in the traditional IT world, especially among providers that have focused on delivering technology in general.

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Prep for IT incidents with external support

March 23rd,2018 outsourceIT

Regardless of your best office IT strategies, it's nearly impossible to thwart every type of cyberattack. And when they do happen, most businesses depend primarily on their internal resources and personnel. On the other hand, some organizations have realized the risks and complexities involved and have sought external support from ...

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Be more productive in life and work

February 15th,2016 outsourceIT

If you’re grinding away at your desk, stuck at the office for another late night, wondering when you’ll ever complete that final task on your to-do-list, there is hope: principles that can be applied to make you more productive. These ideas will not only improve the quality of your work and business, but also the quality of your ...

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